Accommodating fatigue

UM-DBI Laboratory studies will address many of these areas.We developed a novel P300 BCI functionality in which activation and deactivation (hold-release) of a P300 BCI speller can be separately controlled.However, variations in brain activity may occur naturally due to fluctuaions in user attention or mental workload.We have created a classifier based latency estimation (CBLE) method and identified a relationship between variance in the latency of the P300 signals and BCI performance.Accommodation of this variability could improve BCI performance.If you haven’t noticed by now, people really like to perform the back squat, bench press, and deadlift.

P300 BCIs are functional, but provide only very, very slow communication.If you are not familiar, the action of our muscles is dictated by a force-velocity relationship or curve .On one end of the curve you have max velocity movements such as sprinting, bounding, or countermovement jumps.Just as the sport has evolved, so too have the training strategies that are used to get as strong as possible.One such evolution that has caught on as of late is the use of accommodating resistance in training.

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