Access vba screenupdating false

If this argument is omitted, the current delimiter is used.If the file is a text file, this argument indicates where it originated, so that code pages and Carriage Return/Line Feed (CR/LF) can be mapped correctly.The converter index consists of the row numbers of the converters returned by the File Converters property.True saves files against the language of Microsoft Excel (including control panel settings).

The default behavior if no value is specified is xl Normal Load and does not attempt recovery when initiated through the OM.

I get no blips: Sub Un Hide_Columns_Button() Application.

Screen Updating = False Un Hide_Columns Application. Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Un Hide_Columns() Un Protect_Sheets Range("Data Range").

If the file is an Excel template, True to open the specified template for editing.

False to open a new workbook based on the specified template. If the file cannot be opened in read/write mode, this argument is True to add the file to the file notification list.

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